Jacksonville Civil Engineering Company Organizes Franchise
Jacksonville Civil Engineering Company Organizes Franchise

On the battlefront, you may hear of collateral damage – things destroyed that were not part of the intention but that are unavoidable. The fire department is a similar example, when they smash in all of the doors to fight a fire and save lives. The damage claims on insurance later are as much smoke and burns as broken furniture, doors and windows.  The fire was the goal; the rest is simply obstacles to be overcome: collateral damage.  In our business, there are skills and expertise we gain and grow as part of our work that is not our end goal, but collateral assets we pick up along the way.

Collateral Assets

Jacksonville Civil Engineering company reorganizes franchise installationAs a Jacksonville Civil Engineering company, we have become experts at permitting with the City of Jacksonville. We are also quite familiar with construction timelines, and the differences between the faster, more expensive way to get something done, vs. a more economical, slower timeline. These skills can be particular useful for an out-of-town architect and new franchisee.

Opening a Franchise

When you are a new franchisee, you are sometimes taking over an existing setup, but more often than not, you have to start with a blank slate. The Franchise comes with many manuals, not the least of which is the set of plans, and how the store has to look.   The Architect’s plans are rarely drawn for a specific town. Nor do they necessarily comply with the shopping center regulations where the outlet is to be located. Such was the case with the current Fast Fix store in Town Center.

Solid Rock Engineering came in not to do civil engineering, as one might expect, but to organize the permitting, set the time line for the the renovations and over see construction for the new business. While there had been a franchise in the space before, it was not the same, nor even complementary. Before SRE arrived, all of the fixtures, fittings and furniture had been removed and then the plans got delayed. Whether inexperience of not knowing which bit to submit when or just being unfamiliar with the people involved, Solid Rock was able to help adapt the franchise specifications to both Jacksonville and the Town Center’s code stipulations.

Vendors Bidding Correctly

When there is no set timeline, or it is in the wrong order, vendors’ bids will take into account obstuctions that may not need to exist, and therefore not always be a best price scenario. It is not sculduggery on the part of the vendor, it is just that they are dealing with what they see as opposed to an optimal situation. Solid Rock smoothed out the timeline, and is overseeing construction so that each vendor arrives at the right time, to do their part and then the next person arrives when the project is ready for them. This speeds up the whole process and makes it ultimately cost less. With just one experienced overseer, the project has a greater chance of being completed smoothly, without vital actions being left out.  Clients, who know what they do not usually construction, tend to underestimate what’s involved and find many surprises along the way.  Solid Rock Engineering’s goal is preparation and organization. As an experienced Jacksonville Civil Engineering company surprises don’t come along that often.



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