Highly recommended for repairing roads, sinkholes and saving money.

John DeBiase, President, Plantation Oaks HOA

Ponte Vedra Civil Engineering Services

ClieCivil Engineers i Northeast Floridant’s Vision

We needed to resurface our gated, private neighborhood roads and repair sinkholes in our Ponte Vedra Beach community. We didn’t want to waste money on shoddy work like other Home Owner Associations often experience. So, we committed to doing it correctly the first time. We interviewed several firms. Solid Rock was very professional and offered valuable information needed for the project’s success.

Solid Rock Solution

They evaluated our current infrastructure and wrote specs for the project. They interviewed, hired and managed the team of contractors. They even handled a few non-related problems for us.

Client Results

Solid Rock repaired our infrastructure problems with expertise and professionalism. They were highly responsive to our needs. The project was very successful and even came in under budget. The Home Owner’s Association was very pleased with the results. The adjacent neighborhood did not use Solid Rock Engineering. Their resurfaced roads deteriorated again only a few months later.

Solid Rock gets a 10-plus for professionalism, responsiveness, results and completing the project under budget. We will hire them again and will continue recommending them to other neighborhoods”


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