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There are restrictions about where a church can be placed in Jacksonville. And just as many restrictions as what can be placed near one, once it’s there.You cannot build a church near a liquor store without a variance, neither can you put a liquor store within a certain distance to a house of worship without applying for an Exception. There is also a restriction on how much a church requires in terms of Jacksonville zoning.   As anyone who can tell you, if a new church has started out of someone’s house in their neighborhood, churches need space!  Parking, playgrounds, gathering places for fellowship and services.  The minimum in Jacksonville is 4 acres. And your application will require the services of a Jacksonville Civil Engineering Firm. An Exemption Application involves

  • signed architect’s plans, and
  • a Life and Safety Plan.

We processed similar permits for Calvary Christian as we are currently processing for the Sanctity Church.  However, the Sanctity site does not have an existing building on it.  The permits first submitted for each project are to allow a church to be constructed on a parcel smaller than the minimum area typically allowed.  The permits are recommended for approval because both churches are smaller than average and are a great fit for the community in which they are proposed.  The buildings for each church are (will be) smaller than average for a ‘community church’ experience instead of a mega church.

Calvary Christian Church


The permitting process is dense. The applicants can expect Public Notices, and Public Hearings.  There multiple reviews and multiple departments from the municipal and county government participate. When given, or purchasing 2.6 acres for a project that is zoned for 4 acres, the “simple process of a few forms” is not the reality. Be advised and contract with a reliable Jacksonville Civil Engineering Firm toot suite!

Our next project with a church wanting to sit on less than 4 acres:-

Jacksonville Civil Engineering  Company works on an exception application

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