How many square feet can I fit on my property?

Obviously there are a lot of variables. These can include:-

  • The Zoning of that piece of property
  • Obstacles and obstructions like large trees,  wetlands, flood plains, existing structures, underground power lines, and even, Indian burial grounds (which happens more often than one might imagine.)
How long will it take to design, permit and build?

This depends upon the complication of the review process.

Factors that play into the overall timeline include:-

  • Size, complexity and the issues from above.

Then, it comes down to the decisiveness of the property owner(s)  and how upfront the team is about the budget.  When we know how much money there is to spend, we don’t need to waste time on overly expensive, or frugally time-consuming measures.

Lastly, we have to assess the number of agencies involved for permitting and approvals.  Three vs. ten can save or cost a wide range of time.

How much will it COST to design, permit and build?

See to the right!

What other services will be required?

If you are adding a building, you will need

  1. Soil Tests
  2. Traffic Analysis
  3. Environmental Impact Studies

Sold Rock Engineering often partners with outside specialists or consultants on certain projects. We then act as a General Contractor, overseeing the work so that our client retains only a single point of contact, and all lines of communication between the researching professionals are kept open and updated.

Why is the permit process so complicated?

Because of all of the regulations.

Government Officials are usually well-intentioned. Additional regulations often result from a disaster or frequently occurring problem that officials hope to avoid in the future. The more sophisticated our equipment, the more easily we can see what should have been avoided in the first place.

Why does it cost so much for construction?

Construction Costs always go up.  Greater demand in this industry means that providers can achieve higher prices, so they charge more. And often there is less supply.  Plus, labor has to be higher educated than they did when tools and equipment was simpler.

But the biggest impact on cost is the current set of regulations. Though originally well-intentioned, all of the new regs can choke a project.  For example, when we wanted to update a sign for recent project, we were informed by the relevant department that we had to replace the whole monument. The sign was no longer compliant with today’s code.  We couldn’t even change out a light bulb!

We also get asked what other services we offer.

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